The integration of the Learning Center with Absorb is complete, but due to issues with Absorb's processing capabilities we are currently experiencing delays getting information back about training records and in some cases users might experience errors launching the training modules. We are working with the Center for SafeSport directly to address these issues, but we are subject to Absorb's platform limitations.


The US Center for SafeSport has implemented a new learning management system (LMS) called Absorb for tracking training records. We have completed the integration of the Learning Center with this new system, but there are some important things to understand as data processing tasks will be ongoing, and there are significant changes to how we can help you with data about your training records.

Data Processing

The implementation of a new LMS at SafeSport meant that there was a period of time when existing users to who took / updated their training via the Learning Center were not sent to Absorb or their previous platform. The Center is doing the work to manually load that subset of records into their new system, but that will likely take the remainder of this week (through 12/12). As such, any existing users in that subset who need to take training or complete a refresher via the Learning Center may be delayed until after that work is complete.

If you are brand new user to the Learning Center who created their profile from 12/7 until 12/12, you will not be able to complete SafeSport training due to the data processing jobs outlined above. Beginning the week of 12/13 you'll be able to log into the Learning Center and complete your training.


Q: What is the new SafeSport system?
A: SafeSport chose Absorb, a commercial Learning Management System, to manage all the training records they track. Taking or updating your SafeSport training via the Learning Center will automatically update their records in the new system; you do not need to go directly through their website to do your training or refreshers.

Q: How can I take SafeSport training?
A: The best way to take training is still via the Learning Center. We integrate with SafeSport's system directly, but you may notice some slight changes when you launch the training -- most notably that it will now open in a new browser tab.

Q: The Learning Center says "we are awaiting receipt of enrollment data"; what should I do?
A: Unfortunately, there is nothing to do but wait for SafeSport to return the information about your training records to us. We recommend checking back once a day until your records have synchronized, at which point you will be able to launch the training or refresher you need to complete.

Q: I previously did my training on SafeSport's website or via a different soccer-related website; what should I do?
A: U.S. Soccer has access to all soccer user data in Absorb. If your Learning Center profile shows your past SafeSport training, then no action is needed until your next refresher is due. If your Learning Center profile does NOT show your past soccer-related SafeSport training, then please contact us by email at learningcentersupport@ussoccer.org.

Q: I previously did my SafeSport training for a different sport (e.g. - hockey, swimming, etc.); what should I do?
A: You will need to contact the Center for SafeSport directly, and request that they connect your data to U.S Soccer. You can find the Center's helpdesk here: Request SafeSport Support or you can call them at (720) 676-6417.

Q: The Learning Center is loading the wrong SafeSport course; what should I do?
A: SafeSport training consists of the core course and three refreshers which are taken consecutively. Because there are multiple ways you can take SafeSport, your data may be out of synch in their new LMS. Please complete the course being provided via the Learning Center, and your training requirement will be fulfilled.

Q: I can't download my SafeSport training certificate from the Learning Center; what should I do?
A: While the data processing jobs are underway at the Center, no certificates can be downloaded. Once those are complete, the function will become available again from your profile.

Q: I am experiencing a different technical problem while trying to take SafeSport training in the Learning Center; what should I do?
A: Please contact us via email at learningcentersupport@ussoccer.org with at least the following information:
* Your name and email (matching your Learning Center login)
* The device you are using to access the Learning Center (e.g. - laptop, phone, tablet, etc.)
* The browser you are using to access the Learning Center (e.g. - Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
* The exact text of any error or informational messages you received
* Screenshot(s) or other supporting information about the issue

We may need to follow up with you for more information or to request a live troubleshooting session. It will be very important that you respond to those requests in a timely manner so we can assist you.

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